How to be a Better Parent

  • Avoid Comparisons and Labels

Good parenting happens in real time, on the spot, and in the moment. The trick is recognizing those moments when your actions and reactions can help your child learn and grow in the best possible ways.

  • Walk the Talk

Kids watch your every move, and, especially for babies and very young children, parental behavior proves to be far more powerful than words. "You are actually teaching your baby something every minute of the day.

  • Let your Child  Make Mistakes

Allow your child to learn from his errors instills the lesson at hand better than an explanation, At a very basic level, this kind of mistake helps a child understand cause and effect.  But it is also good and healthy to let your child experience disappointment sometimes, instead of shielding him from any and all negative events.

  • Look Behind “ Bad” Behavior

At some point your child will break every rule you make. But if you react to each infraction with the same show of disapproval, he may not reach an understanding of what prompted the rule-breaking behavior in the first place. child's "misbehavior" is a direct result of the fact that he cannot control his emotions, and it is one of parents' most important tasks to teach their children how to do just that. So while you may well impose the appropriate disciplinary measure (that time-out, for instance), a calm and compassionate conversation is important too.

  • Be Ready  to Embrace Change  

A baby who once loved an activity now rejects it. Parents can be quick to assume that something's wrong when, in fact, it may be that he's matured. While measuring your child's outward signs of growth in inches and on the scale.

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